How to Choose a Cleaning Company?

Need help with the dirty work in your business? Look no further than a qualified cleaning service. Before making contact, it's important to understand the needs of your organization. What type of cleaning do you require and how often? It's also relevant to consider how soon you would like the cleaning service to start. Some companies can get started immediately while others begin after a number of weeks. Meet with several companies at your facility so that they can create a proposal for services. Each company should provide a free assessment to recommend a cleaning package with any specialty services. Nevertheless, cleaning companies are not created equal.

The following are additional guidelines to consider when selecting a company:

Neat and shiny office after commercial cleaning
  1. Request proof of insurance and bond certification. A reputable cleaning service sets aside funds for failing to deliver services or damaging your property.

  2. Contact the Better Business Bureau to determine if the company is in good standing without complaints.

  3. Try to speak with a person at each company to evaluate how customer service is delivered. Does the company respond to your requests with a sense of urgency? Ensure that the company operates flexibly to meet your needs.

  4. Review the cleaning contract thoroughly to ensure that it meets your needs and that any work to be performed is outlined clearly. Many companies require a legal, one-year contract for services.

  5. Consider how professional the proposal looks and reads. The quality of the presentation often speaks to the quality of the company itself.

  6. Determine if the company offers an array of services other than janitorial such as specialty cleaning and restoration services. If your facility has multiple locations, can the company serve them all under one umbrella contract?

  7. Evaluate the company’s reputation by speaking with at least 3 references. Ask specific questions to learn more about the experiences of each customer.

  8. Avoid a cleaning company that underbids its competitors or severely cuts costs to gain your business. Often, these situations occur due to inexperience or a lack of insurance coverage.

  9. Compare franchise cleaning services as you would any other cleaning company. Franchises offer a familiar brand name, but they operate independently. Many franchisees do not have extensive experience in the cleaning industry. However, franchises offer advice and other resources to enable success for their franchisees.

  10. Ask if the company offers a quality control program to resolve issues for you. What is the turnaround time to complete requests and how is feedback acquired?

  11. Be wary of low quotations Receiving a low quote for your janitorial service needs may often result in a lack of reliability, poor communication, and little attention to detail. Cheap prices may ultimately fail to meet your high expectations. We prepare comprehensive quotations. National Cleaning LLC considers many factors when preparing a proposal. Our quotations are based on square footage, a number of people, traffic patterns, type of business, and if there are multiple locations. We incorporate the specifics of the facility in our proposals.