Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

Whether there has been a significant lapse in maintenance or a special occasion has arisen, deep cleaning and sanitizing is an intense cleaning service that looks into every corner and crevices to remove dirt and bacteria to create a safer environment for your employees and customers.

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your facility. It covers areas that aren't traditionally covered by regular janitorial service.

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Deep cleaning and sanitizing using an equipment to remove dirt and grime
  • All surfaces of every piece of furniture in the building will be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized using CDC-recommended disinfectant and sanitizer.

  • For waxed floors, deep cleaning involves stripping and refinishing the floor completely.

  • All keyboards, monitors, copiers, mice, printers, and other high traffic devices are cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized while disconnected from power.

  • The microwave, refrigerator, and all appliances will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before sanitization.

  • In addition to emptying trash bags, every trash can, waste, and recycling bin will be bleached and scrubbed before it is treated with sanitizer.

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