What is a Cleaning Partner?

Cleaning Partners are locally owned cleaning companies that partner with National Cleaning Services Inc. (NCS) to service the various locations of NCS' national and regional clients.

Do I need any special qualifications to be a Cleaning Partner?

Yes. All Cleaning Partners must be licensed cleaning contractors in business for at least two (2) years, have a minimum of five (5) employees, and carry general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Bonding may be required in some instances.

Is there a fee to being a Cleaning Partner?

Yes. In order to ensure that all NCS clients receive consistent, high-quality service, NCS designs a cleaning solution for each customer based on the client’s needs. Selected Cleaning Partners must then be trained in the finalized cleaning solution and certified to service the account. Fees include a one-time certification fee, an annual Cleaning Partner renewal fee, and the cost of NCS work apparel (shirts).

What happens to the information I provide to you?

All information provided to NCS is downloaded into a database and used to build a contractor’s profile on your company. Your profile is evaluated whenever new account opportunities become available in your area. The more information you provide to us regarding the depth and breadth of your cleaning experience, the better chance we have of matching you with an account opportunity.

What kinds of accounts are available?

NCS services all types of accounts. General Office & Building, Restaurants, Medical & Healthcare facilities, Industrial facilities, Banks, Schools & Universities, etc. Specialty projects such as Construction Clean-Up, Carpet Cleaning, Window Cleaning, and Floor Maintenance are also awarded.

Do I bid on accounts?

Yes. All eligible Cleaning Partners are given the opportunity to bid on available cleaning contracts in their area.

How are accounts awarded?

Whenever a new account becomes available, NCS reviews its database for all active and potential Cleaning Partners in the area. After a careful review of each profile, contractors whose experience is closest to the requirements of the account are selected. All selected contractors will then be contacted and given an opportunity to bid on the contract.

How many accounts can I be awarded?

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can be awarded as long as you have the capability and experience to service the accounts.

What privileges does a Cleaning Partner receive?

The most obvious privilege a Cleaning Partner receives is the opportunity to have cleaning contracts with multinational companies that primarily do business with regional or national cleaning companies. Additionally, Cleaning Partners will be eligible to attend upcoming NCS cleaning seminars and eventually purchase quality cleaning supplies and equipment at team member savings.

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